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How to Put on Makeup For School – Look Pretty and Attractive

High school is the time when all of us want to look good and start learning how to put on real mink eyelashes for school. This is because most schools do not encourage makeup and more than anything else, we don’t want anyone making fun of us because of our heavy makeup. Remember everybody had to start somewhere and you are in that stage. If you learn to carry yourself well, you will sure have a great future ahead and you will know all about how to look your best.

real mink eyelashes
real mink eyelashes

If you want tips on how to put on real mink eyelashes for school, remember to keep it light. There are two reasons for this. One is that you do not want to be caught wearing heavy makeup and the second this is that this is the time period when almost everyone has pimple and acne breakouts. You do not want to get it to go worse.

You can use a concealer and a foundation, but it is best to keep away from it. If you feel it’s absolutely necessary you can user a concealer stick with a translucent blush so that things don’t seem out of hand. The key fact on how to put on real mink eyelashes for school is to remain natural.

Choose a cleanser that will suit your skin type and use it before you start the process. You need to follow this with a moisturizer that is nicely rubbed into your skin. For your eyes, you can use a very soft eye shadow something that will not give you that look of complete makeup but a light color that will suit your skin tone and brighten your eyes. It is alright for you to use eyeliner, but keep it very thin.

You can use a colored lip balm, something of the light shade. Make sure you keep it with you at all times so that you can just refresh yourself during break. All that you do, on how to put on makeup for school, is not so that people find out that you have overdone it, but to accentuate your looks and get you more attractive.

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real mink eyelashes
real mink eyelashes

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