How to Achieve a Natural Bridal Look With These Easy Wedding Makeup Tips

All brides want to look perfect and beautiful on their wedding day. Who says it is impossible to achieve a beautiful, flawless, and glowing bridal mink lashes eyelash wholesale? With these simple wedding makeup tips, one can easily learn how to make a bride as magnificent as a queen on her wedding day.

mink lashes eyelash wholesale
mink lashes eyelash wholesale

1. Apply a mink lashes eyelash wholesale primer on top of the bride’s favorite moisturizer. mink lashes eyelash wholesale primer allows makeup to last longer. This product is perfect for brides who are plagued with oily skin as it controls and absorbs oil, making the bride’s makeup looking fresh all day long.

2. Choose the right foundation formula. Use powder foundations for normal to oily skin and use liquid foundations for dry skin. Avoid using powder foundations on mature skin. Liquid foundation is the suitable make up for mature women as it doesn’t emphasize wrinkles and dryness common to older women.

3. Choose the right shade of foundation. Choosing the wrong shade of foundation will turn the bride’s head a different color than the rest of her body. To get the bride’s perfect shade of foundation, apply some foundation on her jaw line since this is where the foundation ends and where the bride’s neck begins. Her perfect shade of foundation should disappear on the skin of her jaw line.

4. Conceal dark under-eye circles. No one wants a tired-looking bride on her wedding day so make sure that her dark under-eye circles are well-hidden. A yellow-based concealer works best for those hideous under-eye circles.

5. Apply concealers on skin blemishes. Applying concealers on blemished skin will make the bride’s face flawless-looking. The idea here is to make a darker spot blend into the bride’s complexion so choose a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than the bride’s actual skin tone. Correcting green concealers work best in concealing red spots.

6. Set the foundation to make the mink lashes eyelash wholesale last longer. Use a loose powder which contains oil-absorbing minerals.

7. Apply blush. Bring the bride’s face to life by applying blush on her cheeks.

8. Apply lipstick. For added precision, use a lipstick brush in applying the lipstick. Remember, wedding mink lashes eyelash wholesale  should look natural and not too over the top so choosing lipsticks with natural shades will best flatter the bride’s lips. Apply some gloss to make the color pop.

mink lashes eyelash wholesale
mink lashes eyelash wholesale

9. Groom the eyebrows. Opt for the bride’s natural eyebrow shape. To achieve a soft look, brush and fill in the eyebrows with a shade one to two shades lighter than the eyebrows.

10. Keep the eyes looking neutral. Apply a soft shimmering white eye shadow on the brow bone area and on the inner corners of the eyes to achieve that doe-eyed look. Use a neutral eye shadow color and blend it well on the eyelids. Make the eyes more dramatic by lining the upper eyelid with black or brown eyeliner. Don’t forget to use smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner. Curl the lashes and apply waterproof mascara.

11. Finishing touches. Make sure that everything is well blended. Apply a little more blush if needed. Finish with a final brush of loose powder.

Weddings don’t happen all the time so make this day extra special by achieving a flawless, glowing, and natural wedding makeup with the help of these easy wedding makeup tips.

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