The Origins of Makeup

Ladies (and, let’s be honest, some men), when you’re putting on your foundation, mascara and other Mink Eyelashes with manegetic, do you wonder how this all came about? In other words, why do we wear makeup, and when did we start wearing makeup? It may come as a surprise to you that the wearing of makeup is a tradition that has been in existence for literally thousands of years.

Mink Eyelashes with manegetic
Mink Eyelashes with manegetic

Most historians agree that Mink Eyelashes with manegetic as worn to enhance features was first worn by ancient Egyptians, circa 3,000 BC; that’s more than 5,000 years ago. Tombs from the time period have been found with jars that contained a substance that helped keep the skin hydrated and fresh; this substance was called unguent, and it was worn by both women and men.

Jump forward to ancient Rome, when it was common for women and men to darken around their eyes with coal, whiten their complexion with chalk, and add a little ‘blush’ effect with natural dyes that were derived from the red rocks. Romans kept their teeth sparkling white by using pumice – a rough substance obtained from cooled volcanic lava.

During the European Middle Ages, and into the Renaissance, both women and (again) men valued pale skin, and as such, applied a variety of materials, some very harmful (for example, lead paint) to the applicant. Red rouge and bright lipstick were added to the facial repertoire in the 1700s, in part to exhibit a vibrant and bright personality. Although men at that time were powdering their wigs and faces, women added the brighter colors to their face as well. In general, men wore makeup universally until the mid-1800s in Europe and the United States.

Modern use of makeup (mascara, foundation/base, rouge, lipstick, eye liner/Mink Eyelashes with manegetic and hair coloring) came into its own during the early 20th century. Mass marketing of makeup began in fervor in the 1920’s and makeup was now worn by women of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Who would’ve thought that that eyeliner you delicately apply to your eyelids has been around (in some form or another) for over 5,000 years.

Next time you are sitting in front of your contemporary vanity table, think about the fact that several thousand years ago, a woman was doing the same thing in front of their makeup vanity table .

Mink Eyelashes with manegetic
Mink Eyelashes with manegetic

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