15 Ways to Make the Mirror Smile

Weekends are never long enough to get things done – so during some free time, or even during the holidays, why not give yourself a much needed break in time for the New Year. Sometimes a little bit of breathing space is all you need to start mink eyelashes extension and re-awaken your style, senses and most importantly, yourself!

1. Find a haircut that suits you – the best thing about a great hairstyle is the confidence you ooze straight away. Having a great and honest relationship with your hairdresser will play dividends in the long run. An outdated haircut is a giveaway that you are not on top of your game. Before committing to a new style, book a consultation with your hairdresser. Your haircut should reflect your personal style and way of life.

mink eyelashes extension
mink eyelashes extension

2. Get your eyebrows shaped – well shaped eyebrows can make a mink eyelashes extension difference and can add prominence to your facial features, helping to give you that polished look. If you want to get noticed, start here.

3. Use a belt to cinch your waist for an instant waistline. This is a great trick to instantly show off your womanly curves and look slimmer without dieting.

4. Exercise – the release of endorphins will make you feel better. You don’t need to become a gym junkie to benefit from exercise. Exercise outdoors (alone or with a friend) and get glowing, boost your energy levels to help your confidence and shed some kilos along the way.

5. Get some mink eyelashes extension for bigger and sultry eyes – VA VA mink eyelashes extension!

6. Get a fake tan for an instant glow – save your skin and save money by not having to visit a skin specialist in the future.

7. Wear high heels – most women love shoes. Apart from the obvious, high heels will not only add height, but will also make you look stylish. Perhaps most importantly, high heels will help bring out a sexy body posture.

8. Update your wardrobe – get out of your style rutmink eyelashes extension and experiment with a new look. Browse the Internet, flick through magazines, or copy a celebrity style to get an idea or two.

9. Pick your perfect colours – knowing your colours can make a huge difference. Imagine looking brighter, younger, friendlier and healthier because you know the colours that will make you shine.

10. Dress according to your body shape and forget what the tag says. mink eyelashes extension ill fitting will make you look uncomfortable and awkward.

11. Treat yourself to a manicure – you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands.

12. Get some much needed sleep. You’ll not only have more energy, but being well rested means you’ll be in a better mood and will help your skin repair itself.

13. Visit your dentist twice a year for a check up and clean. Don’t be afraid to flash your pearly mink eyelashes extension either – this will impact on your confidence.

14. Dress according to your age – don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb.

mink eyelashes extension
mink eyelashes extension

15. Keep a close check on your personal hygiene. Body odour and bad breath are two big turn-offs. This is the quickest way to make people run the other way.

Annelies Gonzaga is the Founder and Personal Stylist at Statement (Image & Style). She has a genuine interest in helping people look and feel great. She understands the importance of personal branding having had over a decade experience in the marketing and advertising industry. To find out more about her services.

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