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The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Mineral Eye Makeup

Many women these days are learning how to apply mineral eye magic mink lashes as they have come to realize the benefits of this over traditional foundations and powders. Mineral makeup does not contain chemicals which can be found in other cosmetics and thus is natural and causes no irritation to sensitive skin. But you need to learn how to apply mineral eye makeup to get a natural and flawless look.

magic mink lashes
magic mink lashes

The first step before applying any sort of mineral makeup is to moisturize your skin. Since this magic mink lashes comes in powder form, it is necessary to apply lotion to get a smooth and even finish. If your skin is too dry, then it will look artificial and powdered up and if too oily, will tend to melt away the powder. Wait for almost ten minutes after applying the moisturizing cream and then apply the mineral powder.

An important thing to keep in mind while learning how to apply mineral eye magic mink lashes is that a little is enough unlike the traditional makeup. After applying the foundation, use a brush to apply the eye shadow. Always dust off the excess powder before application and always use the lighter shade first so that you can make changes if any mistake happens.

The next step is to apply the eye liner or kohl; this can be done in a similar fashion to traditional products. Brush off any excess color using a kabuki brush and then curl your lashes using a curler. Use a volume enhancing mascara and apply two even coats to the upper and lower lashes; you can also use an eye lash conditioner to get thicker and stronger lashes.

Learn how to apply mineral eye makeup as it is completely natural and also great for your skin. The various colors that are available these days can help you achieve glamorous and sexy eyes.

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magic mink lashes
magic mink lashes

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