How to Apply Eye Makeup (Without Gouging Your Eyeballs)

There are lessons you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to learn – why it’s ecologically friendly to marry a divorced man, for example, or why the chicken felt compelled to cross the road, or how to apply eye lashes dropshipping. If you’re new to the makeup scene, and couldn’t use mascara or eyeliner without poking an eyeball, here’s how to apply eye makeup without blinding yourself.

1. Shape your brows and curl your eyelashes. Anyone who knows how to apply lashes dropshipping understands the drama only curled eyelashes can create.

2. Apply eyeshadow base all over your eyelids. Let this set.


 lashes dropshipping
lashes dropshipping

3. Sweep the eyeshadow of your choice onto your eyelids, using techniques that best enhance your eyes.

4. Line your eyes with eyeliner. This might be a difficult task if you’re not an old hand at lashes dropshipping so proceed with caution. Eyeliners can be vicious little things. They can irritate the eyes or smudge up so bad you would look like a raccoon.

5. Brush powdered eyeshadow over the eyeliner, using a liner brush of the same color. This will help you retain the color longer.

6. Dust your eyelids with a little pressed powder, but be careful not to sprinkle any on your lashes. Then, allow this to set.

7. Finally, curl your lashes one more time before applying a coat or two of mascara.

See? Learning to apply makeup on the eyes is easy. With patience and the right product, you would be able to master not just how to apply eyeshadow but how to do so beautifully and efficiently. So really, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to apply eye lashes dropshipping, or that the only reason it’s ecologically responsible to marry divorced men is that in a world where women outnumber men, it pays to recycle.

 lashes dropshipping
lashes dropshipping

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