The Modern Art of Face Makeup

Beautifying one’s own self has been the urge of both the sexes since civilization began. Face lashes custom packaging has always been the most vital part of make over. To create an impression on others, women especially have done various types of face makeup to enhance the look. The style of makeup has undergone changes over the centuries but certain basic rules do remain the same.

There are certain steps to follow to do a good job with the lashes custom packaging kit. The first step is to cleanse the face well with a cleanser so that excess oil and dirt can be removed. The makeup will set well if this is done. Before applying the base the face should be massaged well with a moisturizer. This will eliminate all chances of dryness.

 lashes custom packaging
lashes custom packaging

For a proper face makeup the shape of the face must be taken into account first. A strong jaw line must be done in a way to conceal portion of the jaw with the help of the foundation. The foundation or the base of the face lashes custom packaging must be carefully selected. This will depend on the complexion of the person. A lighter shade must be used for a person with a bright skin tone. It is important to see that the foundation is well blended with the skin. This is easily done with a bit of water added to the base.

The base must be left to dry for a while. For the summers you can apply a cold compression with ice over the face. This will set the makeup well. For the pimple prone face a water based foundation would be the most appropriate. The foundation must be applied in dots all over the face and then blended. The area under the eye must be treated softly so that it may not leave wrinkles.

The jutting jaws must be colored a shade darker to make them look even. For the face that is round use dark shades on the sides to give a narrow effect. The idea is to hide the defects and highlight the plus points of the face. The next step is to powder the face. There are different shades available. It is best to select the shade that is closest to the skin tone. It is important that the powder blends well with the skin just as the foundation does.

The eyes are the next vital aspects of a face makeup. Here again the shape of the eyes is important. The eye shadow that is applied on the upper eyelids should be a shade that suites the skin as well as the time of the day. Usually a strong lashes custom packaging at night is appropriate while during the day the makeup is rather light.
The eye liner is used to out line the eyes giving them a prominent shape. For the eyes to look large a thin eye line is the best. For the opposite effect the liner could be a thicker line. This also lends the eyes a dramatic look.

The mascara is then applied over the eye lashes to make it appear longer. They definitely look richer and make the eyes seem bigger. The eye brow may be simply brushed or darkened with an eye brow pencil. The final touch comes with the rouge that lends the face its color and radiance. The rouge can be cream or powder. Soft touches of it to highlight or subdue the cheeks are needed. The art of face makeup needs long practice to bring perfection. The best makeup is done in natural light.

 lashes custom packaging
lashes custom packaging

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