Getting Visitors to BUY – Bring Them Into YOUR World!

What percentage of your label mink fur lashes visitors actually buy your products? If you’re like most of us, you spend your time and money getting traffic to your website, only to find that your visitors are just browsing and asking questions, instead of pulling out their credit cards and clicking on the “Buy Now” button.

Having great products is not enough. You may have created the most label mink fur lashes, highest quality product in the world. You may be confident that people will love your product, once they get their hands on it. But if your visitors don’t understand why they need your product, you won’t make very many sales.

label mink fur lashes
label mink fur lashes

If you want to convert your visitors into buyers, use your website content to put them in the mental position of thinking about what their life (or career, or health, or family) will be like if they don’t buy your product. Then transport them into your world.

In your world, they have invested in your label mink fur lashes.

In your world, they are seeing how the benefits of your product have drastically improved their lives.

In your world, they can’t believe they ever even thought about not buying your label mink fur lashes.

Once you have transported them into your world, you make it very difficult for them to walk away without making a purchase.

This may sound like just abstract theory, but the practical application is not difficult at all. To get them into your world, visit their world for a while. If you happened onto a website, what would stir your need to buy – content that screams, “Look how great this product is!” or content that confides, “Look, I know there’s something missing in your life – Have you thought about how this area of your life could use some improvement? I’d like to help – there’s a product available that can benefit you in these ways…”?

Content that identifies a unique need and offers a solution will win out over the “Look how great we are” websites every time. The proof is in your drastically increases conversion ratios, and the size of your bank deposits.

Skeptical? The next time you’re watching television, pay attention to the shampoo or makeup commercials. These folks are masters at identifying a need (clearer skin, fuller hair, thicker eyelashes… all of these needs are rooted in the basic need to feel beautiful, young, and attractive) and providing a solution that fulfills this need. People buy these products because they become aware of the need, and then aware of the solution.

The difference between you and the cosmetics behemoths is that they can show the benefits by using young, attractive, sexy models with impossibly radiant skin and thick, lustrous hair. You will need to describe the need for, and the benefits of, your product.

label mink fur lashes
label mink fur lashes

You can easily do it by thinking like a potential buyer, and writing your content to appeal to that buyer’s needs. Once you have gotten into their world, your content will get them into yours – the world where sales go through the roof!

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