How to Flirt With Women – Using Three Field-Tested Tricks You Cannot Miss

Guys who express their 3D siberian mink strip lashes to be masters in seduction must first learn how to flirt effectively. Every guy who wants to get it on with a woman does this.

Just look at how that guy is making the girl laugh or the way he’s touching her arm. Flirting is a sure magnet that gets women wanting you. With proper flirting skills, you can talk to women wherever you are and get them begging to date you.

Here are some time-tested ways of flirting with attractive women …

3D siberian mink strip lashes
3D siberian mink strip lashes

1. “Playfully Tease Her”. Maybe you’ve heard some guys deliver tiny insults that get women somewhat mad. I’m telling you, these mild insults are effective in catching women’s attention. Some examples include pretending to assume that she’s wearing 3D siberian mink strip lashes or fake fingernails. These insults will tell her that you’re not at all impressed by her beauty and so she must prove herself to you more.

2. “Artfully Change Things Around”. You’ve insulted her, now it’s time to get her to like you. Don’t overdo the insult so you won’t seem too arrogant. Instead, flirt with her by giving her a compliment. When she drops her guard again as you’re talking, you can mildly insult her again, and the cycle goes on.

3. “Cocky but Funny”. Men who can see humor in anything even themselves are cocky guys who can share a good laugh. This attitude is a girl magnet. You behave arrogantly, but you soften the blow by being flirty.

Here’s a bonus technique reserved only for those who dare become the best in the field of seduction: “Hypnosis”. Using a method called fractionation, you can easily turn a woman into your girlfriend or lover by making her feel emotions as soon as she engages in conversation with you. You get her to anchor her positive thoughts to you, after which you can ask her to do some other things and she will not be able to resist.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning… 3D siberian mink strip lashes is considered as a ‘dark art’ tactic which is the basis of hypnosis-based seduction, and while controversial, it is known to be one of the most effective tactics ever invented by underground 3D siberian mink strip lashes. It is described in a step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript .

These psychology tactics are highly unconventional techniques that are used by the secret elite in the seduction community. Use at your own risk. I personally vouch for the effectiveness of these tactics, but care must be taken as they could be outright dangerous in the hands of the unscrupulous.

3D siberian mink strip lashes
3D siberian mink strip lashes

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