Many Women Would Not Step Outside Without First Putting on Mascara – Are You One of Them?

3d real mink lashes mascara can be fun but if you have a fair complexion black mascara is probably too harsh for you. Opt instead for a brown or grey shade which will be more natural. Coloured mascaras can be very tempting but do be careful to only choose darker 3d real mink lashes like navy, brown or plum otherwise they can be too distracting, take impact away from your eyes and dull the whites of your eyes.

To get the best out of your 3d real mink lashes, first use an eyelash curler on the lashes to obtain a wide-awake look. Then apply your mascara being careful not to overload your lashes and end up with a 3d real mink lashes pohair. To widen your eyes use mascara on the middle and outside lashes and only use it on your bottom lashes if you don’t have lines or bags under your eyes. Once applied, use an eye lash comb to separate your lashes and obtain a more natural look. Make sure you do this while they are still moist otherwise you could damage your lashes.


If you want thicker lashes you could apply false ones which are fun, quite easy to put on and can be very 3d real mink lashes. Once applied, gently sweep with your own mascara to blend in with your own lashes. To remove, cleanse first and then 3d real mink lashes and carefully pull them off. Alternatively, for thicker lashes you can lightly powder them first and then apply mascara.

For best application, never pump the wand in the cartridge since this can introduce air bubbles into the tube which dries out the liquid inside and shortens the life of your mascara.   Instead, roll the brush around and pull it out slowly just once.

Finally, always remember to thoroughly remove any eye-make-up you have been wearing before you go to bed and never keep 3d real mink lashes for more that four months since old mascara can harbour germs and cause infection.

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