Creative Halloween Costumes – How To Be Creative On A Budget

There are many contests for the best 3d mink lashes strip costumes October comes. Mothers and kids all work together in order to bag the grandest prize or just simply to receive the most goodies into their Halloween bags. Either way, Halloween is really a fun time to don the cutest, most hilarious, and the scariest outfits for that special day. It is a time to have an excuse to be somebody else (or make fun of somebody else).

Shopping malls and specialty stores pile up on various Halloween wear during this time of year. Unfortunately, you will most likely find yourself having the same costume as someone else. You do not want your friends all wearing the same costumes as you. Now that would be scary! Sometimes, some of these costumes are not cheap. So, why not look around the house and in your backyard to make a costume that is uniquely yours and save more money in the process.

3d mink lashes strip
3d mink lashes strip

Here are some easy and fun and simple Halloween costumes…

A Savvy Ghost – Using the same old white sheet with slits for eyes as your Casper like costume, why not make your ghost extra cute by dressing it up a little. For the girls, put a little lipstick by the mouth area. Put on 3d mink lashes strip. For an extra stylistic touch to your costume accessories! Stick on some fun fake earrings or a toy necklace. The boys may add character to their ghost costume by putting on a bandanna around the head, or any hats. How about that for an exciting ghost!

Tourist on Vacation – It will be authentic for you to be a typical tourist. If you paint your face and arms with just a small amount of brown 3d mink lashes strip paint that will show a tanned tourist. Boys can don their typical Hawaiian shirts and shorts, and camera slings around their necks. Girls can wear shirts, shorts and sandals. Then bring along big tote transparent bags with maps, a book, a bikini, and sun block lotion. And do not forget straw hats! Use more flamboyant ones for the ladies.

Grandma and Grandpa Wannabes – One can easily borrow his grandmas or grandpas clothes to get this look (or check out old clothes from the attic). Boys can get old flannel shirts, big old pants, and a walking cane. Girls can put on an old, ruffled-style dress, old and thick stockings, oxford shoes and bring along a large purse. Both can style their hair using temporary hair color (silvery white, of course), or they can just dust it with a little bit of baby powder or flour. To have that aged look on their faces, apply egg whites smoothly over face.

Straight out from the Grocery Store look – Get a big box from the garage that is right for your body size. Cut holes on the sides and the bottom (for your arms and legs). Paint the box with your favorite cereal brand. Then use black or colored tights, gloves and a wig to look more fun!

Mother Nature – Primp up your old leotards with anything from the garden leaves, twigs and a couple of flowers. Glue them on to your 3d mink lashes strip. Put on a face mask, and later you can attach some small leaves and flowers around it to go with the rest of the outfit. You can also paint your body with the color of nature.

Be the hit of a party for less! Bring out your creative juices and use whatever you have around your home. Nevertheless, you do well for our planet by recycling some of your stuff. There are a lot of interesting DIYs for your Halloween costumes, you just have to free your imagination.\

3d mink lashes strip
3d mink lashes strip

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